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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Workers of the World - Untie!

Last Monday (the Labour Day holiday) I was walking past the Chapters on Bloor near Bay, and there was a notice on the door.

"In Celebration of Labour Day Chapters is open from 11 AM to 7 PM"

Now, I admit from the start that I'm selfish enough that I like the fact that stores are open on the holidays I get off so I'm free to do some shopping, although I do usually think "Boy, it sucks to work retail" as I do so. But this was just too much. It's enough to make you wish we celebrated May Day with the rest of the world.

Although we already have a long weekend in May.

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LMAO, "in celebration of"! Years ago, a girl in my Japanese class told me that Chapters is good place to apply if you're looking for a job, since the big boss herself shows up often and yells at people, so they have high turnover.

Did you go end up going in? Personally, I'm boycotting all of Heather Reisman's stores. I had something of a moral dilemma when I was given a Chapters gift certificate. I ended up selling it at half price to someone who was already planning to buy a book there, so hopefully I didn't give her any extra business.

I didn't go in then, but I do shop occasionally at Chapters, and much more often at Indigo. I also get a number of my books at the excellent Book City stores, and my SF at Bakka of course.

While I like the Indigo stores, their website is really clumsy to search on. When I am looking for a book with limited information, I always check it out on Amazon.ca first (which has a great search), and then, once I've pinned down the exact title and author, look it up on Indigo. This has to be costing them business.

I've had similar Indigo problems - I also don't like how I have to log in every single time I add something to my wish list. When I add five different books in as many minutes and have to log in every time, it's irritating.

Media trivia: Colin and I once were sitting on a park bench near York Minster when a radio journalist walked up and interviewed us on our opinion on the fact that there were going to be some banks open and doing business on the forthcoming Bank Holiday, as they are known in the UK.

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