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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Test Screening - The Follow-up

For those of you keeping track of my adventures, you may remember that last fall I went to a test screening of a Canadian "comedy" written and directed by Dave Thomas about a group of interns in a teaching hospital, the movies to be called either Interns, or Whitecoats. You may also remember that I was less than impressed. Aside from a couple of cameos by Maury Chaykin and Matt Frewer the movie was a cliche-ridden nothing-much.

Well, the movie's actually being released now under the name Intern Academy. They are using the least-bad of the movie posters I was shown, although I'm not nearly interested enough to go see what other changes they made to it. If any of you go, please keep in mind that anything good in it is likely due to my scathing and razor-sharp criticism.

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But it has Dan Ackroyd in it, and he's NEVER in bad movies!

Hey, Shain said something about an exhibit of anime art at the Japan center. Are you gonna see it? Where is the Japan Center, anyway?

I'm planning on seeing it maybe next week, after the Film Festival ends. I'll be posting details shortly on my LiveJournal.

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