Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

Hooray for Film Festival!

I got ten coupons (used to order tickets in advance) for the Film Festival this year to split with my brother. Your film choices have to be turned in by 10:30 AM Friday (tomorrow). After getting Dave's five movies this evening, I dropped by the Box Office in College Park at 9:20 PM, only to find they were closed! I was sure they would be open late.

While I was checking for what time they would be open tomorrow (I'd have to drop by before work, which would be a pain), a girl inside in the back noticed me hovering, came to the doors, and let me slip the envelope through the crack. Yay for helpful TIFF girls!

To select movies, I got the full sized Programme Book, with a page on every movie in the Festival (300 odd), and after I was done with it I passed it to my brother. I was expecting some overlap, but 4 out of 5 was one more than I expected.

So with luck, we're both seeing the new anime movie form the director of Akira, Steamboy, the new Stephen Chow action comedy Kung Fu Hustle, a Johnnie To cops vs. yakuza shoot-em-up Breaking News, and a Belgium film noir about an aging hitman The Alzheimer Case. We split on a British/Canadian Ibiza dance-music DJ comedy It's All Gone Pete Tong (me), and Double Dare, a documentary on stunt women, specifically Lynda Carter's from Wonder Women and Lucy Lawless' from Zena (Dave).

There's a heck of a lot of other interesting movies this year as well, so I'll have to see what daily tickets I can get as well. You can buy tickets for movies 24 hours in advance online now, which should help a lot.
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