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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Wedding = Free Food

Last weekend I escorted my friend Janet to the wedding of a friend of her's in Waterloo, both of us staying at her parent's place. Janet's father was kind enough to pick us both up here in Toronto and drive us out, and Janet's mother provided us with dinner on the Friday and the Sunday, the wedding making with the food on the Saturday.

I ended up rather enjoying it. I was afraid that I would melt in a jacket and tie, especially if I had to sit through a long ceremony, but the weather cooled off enough so it was OK, and the bride and groom were into and out of the church in twenty minutes flat! Even with the choir singing twice. That sort of economy I can appreciate.

While the reception was being set-up, we got a snack in a local pub and watched more of the Olympics. Of course it started pouring, and we'd left the umbrella in the car. At 5 PM, I made the sacrifice of racing to get it, only to have the rain stop when I got back to the pub. Of course.

Reception went off well. The wedding party was about 45-50 people max (Janet commented that most of the non-family females present were ex-girlfriends of the groom, including herself), and a lot of them (apparently staying the Inn the reception was being held in) changed to more casual attire, so I felt quite justified in losing the tie as soon as I could.

Economy of ritual was present here too. I was expecting the wedding toasts to go on forever, so before they started I went to stretch my legs and admire the gorge (we were in Elora, and the gorge is apparently famous). When I got back I spent the next half-hour waiting for the toasts to start before being told I had missed them completely!

From then on it was drinking and dancing, although the caterers were astoundingly stingy about putting water out as the evening went on, must have been trying to get us all to buy booze. And the bride and groom (Agnes and Jon, BTW) proved how suited they were for each other by insisting that the DJ play this utterly bizarre faux-country song about a pervert getting a lap dance, which Agnes swore she loved more than Jon.