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Movie Madness

Last Friday I got together with owlfish for some dinner and kung-fu. The Royal was showing Stephen Chow's Royal Tramp as one of Colin Geddes' Kung-Fu Friday's. owlfish had really enjoyed Chow's Shaolin Soccer so we decided to check this one out

Now, I've been going to these showings for years. Colin always has some door prizes to give away beforehand, and in all those years I've never won anything. The first couple of prizes were just some bobbleheads that Suspect Video couldn't sell, but the grand prize was a Shaolin Soccer movie poster, and a DVD copy of Royal Tramp. And owlfish won it!

The sheer unfairness of this all still astounds me. If I hadn't let her go in first, I would now have realized my dream of winning. Oh well, at least it helped make her evening more memorable.

BTW, I liked the movie. It was short on plot, but full of wackiness. Also, Colin hinted very strongly that Midnight Madness for the Film Festival was going to get Stephen Chow's latest film Kung Fu Hustle.

I also saw Code 46 on Saturday with some of the members of my SF club. I'm still trying to decide if I liked it or not. It was full of interesting ideas, and Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton are both very good at being understated; their characters are quiet, but you can sense everything whirling around inside them. I think it would have used more fleshing out, however.

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We need to see Royal Tramp 2! I want to know how it ends.

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