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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Weekend Fun

Saturday was Lisa Truant-Tan's annual BBQ-Pool Party at her parent's place. Usually this is held when her parents are out-of-town, but they were around this year so we couldn't wreck the place as usual.

I always really enjoy this, and this year was no exception, especially as the weather suited me just fine (not overly hot or humid). You need a jacket in the evening, but I'm fine with that.

I'm a bring-something-needed-but-simple kind of guy (hamburger patties and buns), but some people go all out in their preparation. Ron Livingston in particular prepares this chicken and pasta casserole that's absolutely first rate. My brother had at least two big servings of it and went back at the end of the evening to scrape out the pot. I made sure there wasn't any watermelon left to go waste.

Good food, good friends, good time.

On my way home on the subway, I ran into a few people from the Friday night High Park hike. They had returned there for the performance of As You Like It, staged by the Dream in High Park. They gave it an overall thumbs up, although they felt the musical numbers didn't really work well, if only because they were hard to hear.

My Sunday I pretty much took off. Watched several more episodes of Legends of the Galactic Heroes (I'm now into the fourth season, and the final showdown between the forces of the Empire and the very-beleaguered Republicans is coming). Read some more of Last Light of the Sun. Made it into the gym for some much needed cardio (I've been slack with that for the past couple of months and it's starting to show).