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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Life imitates Art

Went on a night walk through High Park last night with some friends. My friend Paul is planning on leading a hike for his hiking club next week, and wanted to check out the route.

It was really fun. I've been through High Park several times, but never at night, and it was a completely different experience. For one thing, there were hardly any people around. We all got to play in the castle in the playground (which is very impressive) without any screaming little kids around. If you stay off the main paths, it really was like being in the middle of the woods. If the blackout had occurred again (it's the one year anniversary), we would never have known it.

When we got down to Grenadier Pond, it was deep twilight, and there was mist coming off the water. It looked exactly like one of Whistler's Nocturne paintings I saw earlier in the week at the AGO.

Oh, and if you try this yourself (by all means do), bring a flashlight.