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What I'm reading lately

The books are beginning to pile up again, so it's time to put a push on and feed my mind! And what have I been feeding it lately?

Each and every week the latest edition of The Economist become my primary while-on-the-TTC reading material. Gotta keep up on what's happening in the world. And I mean the world, not some North American (i.e. USA) flavoured version of it. Which is why I gave up on Timeweek long ago.

Also each and every week is the latest New Scientist, although I am now 5 issues behind, as science doesn't date itself as fast as current event do. Still, I've got to devote a quiet evening to at least hitting the high spots of these issues. I can skim past the biology stuff.

Am now 100 pages into Guy Kay's latest, The Last Light of the Sun. While the story is good so far, his writing style is beginning to irk me. From book to book, he uses the same narrative tricks (sequence told in the third person so you're not sure which character it is, for one), and he's beginning to pile on too thick just how the characters feel, all the time, with lots of short, little clauses, separated by commas, for emphasis. Might Kay slide off my automatic buy list? I"ll let you know after I've finished.

I've also been reading a lot of short-story collections of late. Michael Swanwick's Bones of the Earth contains nearly all gems, well worth looking at. I've also just gotten a Poul Anderson collection Beyond Infinity from the Science Fiction Book Club. And I'm finally getting around to reading the couple of G. K. Chesterson Father Brown collections I got at the last series of U of T book sales, reading one story before I go to bed each night.

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The Halifax airport had serious Economist distribution issues, not their fault but the fault of their distributor. They didn't have this week's or last week's Economist. They had the week before THAT in stock. A subscription might yet be the way to go.

I used to subscribe to The Economist, but I started to get weird junk mail (with salutations like "Dear Executive"). If I buy it at the corner newsstand, I support the local retailer, I only buy it when I have time (I don't spend a lot of time on transit), and I don't add data to my universal marketing profile.

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