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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Big Passport Office is Watching You

I was at the passport office this morning dropping off my application. The woman in the wicket looked it and all my documents over, tapped at the computer for a minute, and then suddenly asked "Do you have a twin brother?". She turned the monitor to show me a picture of Dave.

I explained that yes, I have a twin, and yes, he lives on the same street I do. She noted all this down on the application form. While I'm glad she did this, so it doesn't potentially delay my passport from coming through, I'm a little unnerved that their system somehow knows that I have a twin. It's a little Big Brotherish.

Also, the woman commented to a co-worker that they had already processed 90 people by 9:30 AM. I asked if they get a bonus for going past some limit. No, but they do get in trouble if they don't process enough! Life in the Snivel Service.

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When Dave was applying for his Social Insurance card, "do you have a twin" was actually one of the questions on the form. I guess someone high up in the bureaucracy has seen too much Star Trek and is very concerned about the threat of people who look just like us but are evil.

Heh, too bad your twin doesn't have a goatee. :)

Ironically, I applied for a passport on Wednesday, and I was thinking how much easier it'd have been if Canadians were issued identity cards, instead of needing to throw different ID and references at the government to prove my identity.

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