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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Pity Me

Here is it a long weekend, and I've been into work both Sunday and today (Monday). It's the fault of the bloody Americans. A rush job came up last Wednesday afternoon with them pleading for results by Thursday at 2 PM, which I just barely manage to do. Then of course them need more done because what they had specified for me to do in a rush, in the end didn't really give them the answers they needed. So while this is good for my bank account, it's bad for my time off. At least I didn't really have any events planned for the weekend, and I did take last weekend off as well.

The biggest problem is getting up here on the weekends, as my usual bus, the 112, doesn't run this far north on the holiday schedule. I have to take a roundabout route into Dixon Road, and then take a 10 minute walk down Carlingview. Good thing it isn't raining.

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LOL, I'm still amused that hippies at York protested the Iraq war by blocking TTC buses from entering the campus, while they of course were totally unable to prevent cars from getting in. Hooray for protesting "blood for oil" by drawing attention to the advantages of private vehicles!

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