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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Guy Kay, Cory Doctorow, and Nalo too!

Celebrated St. Paddy's Day yesterday by going down to Harbourfront and hearing Guy Kay read from his new book The Last Light of the Sun. OK, that's not very Irish, but the epigram from the book which he read out was, so that's something.

Guy's drawing from (i.e. ripping off :-) ) medieval England and the Vikings this time, which he said was a challenge for him, as the other cultures he's based his books on (Byzantium, medieval Italy and France, Spain under the Moors) have tended to be rather more sophisticated, so got a chance to stretch his literary muscles. I'm a Kay fan, but I usually wait for the paperback.

At least this time during the Q&A the questions didn't include major spoilers for the end of the book, which is what happened a few years back during a Kay reading at Hart House. If the book's only been out for three weeks one shouldn't just assume everyone has read it yet. That person was lucky she got out of there alive.

Also in this vein Cory Doctorow is in town for a bit and he's doing a reading at the Merril Collection tonight, from Eastern Standard Tribe. I've read this one already from Cory's mailing list. He actually emailed out the book, at about a page a day, as he worked on it. I'll want to pick it up and see how it reads normally, as pacing certainly suffers at a one-page-a-day rate.

Cory's also on the cover of Now this week. Go Cory!

Also also in this vein, after I picked up the copy of Now this morning, I saw that Nalo Hopkinson is on the cover of Xtra this week! It's certainly a good time to be an SF/F writer in Canada!