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Test Screening

Last night I attended a test screening, something I haven't done before, and if they go by me, this movie will be straight to video.

I signed up on line a few weeks back, and went down to the Paramount with no idea what I was going to see. They faked me out right at the start because right in front of the theatre they were using was a display for I, Robot, so I thought that was the movie we were going to see. Alas, it turned out to be a Canadian "comedy" to be called either Whitecoats or Interns, depending on which title tested better, filmed entirely in Edmonton!

They started out having us grade three different movie posters, all of which were ordinary to bad, and then two different trailers, which weren't very different at all. The movie itself follows a bunch of interns around in a teaching hospital. Wacky hijinks involving crap and blow-jobs ensue. It was usually pretty easy to predict what was going to happen next, and of course the movie ends with the big accident occurring, and everyone having to prove themselves.

The most interesting thing about the movie was all the cameos by well-known (sorta) Canadian actors. We had Matt Fewer (the woman sitting next to me asked "Is that Jim Carrey?"), Maury Chaykin (who they wasted in a 2.5 minute scene in which they gave him an absurd Italian accent and a sperm joke), Saul Rubinek (who phoned in his tiny, tiny part), Dave Foley (a funny guy who wasn't here), and Dave Thomas and Dan Aykroyd in larger roles, who weren't bad at all.

Actually, the guy running the screening was funnier than what he presented ("We're the Cirque du Soleil of movie screenings!"). Still, some people in the audience laughed, so I suppose they'll manage to find an audience for it.

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(Deleted comment)
You know there was a line on the survey form asking what other movies it reminded you of, I should have thought of that one.

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