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Graphics Novels

It's been a good couple of weeks on the graphic novel front. First, when I got back from Christmas, there was still enough Boxing Day sales going on at the comic stores for me to pick up a whole wack of Transmetropolitians, the insane adventures of future rabid journalist Spider Jerusalam, a stack of Oh My Goddess manga, and the latest Starman.

Also, the Merril Collection just received a donation of about 25 Prince Valiant collections, which I am currently working my way through. Great stuff. As my brother pointed out, the author wasn't afraid to have his characters act like idiots every once in a while, which he would point out in the narration.

Finally, Fantagraphics is gearing up for their release of The Complete Peanuts, every single Peanuts strip, including the early ones Charles Shultz didn't like very much (but completeness counts!). They will be releasing two books a year for 12 1/2 years.

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Peanuts hit it's prime, I always felt, round the late sixties intoseventies. The comics were funny, and smart, and hadn't quite hit the commercial horror of the Garfield thing, of just being an ad for "Snoopy brand" merchandise.But I always loved the old "Sparky" comics--they were cool!

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