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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Kung Fu Madness

Colin Geddes' Kung-Fu Friday movie last night was Descendent of Wing Chuna great old-school action flick with no real plot to speak of but some kick-ass fighting scenes.

Colin provided his copy of this film to the makers of Bulletproof Monk last year. There was a sequence in that movie where the hero, who works as a projectionist, learns martial arts by watching kung-fu movies (those scenes were shot at the Music Hall). Colin marked off the good fight scenes in the understanding that the studio would copy the scenes they wanted. However, the print ended up cut to pieces and Colin had to spent a couple of hours with the editor of Three Kings reassembling it. He did a good job too except that an early fight scene was duplicated later in the movie.

As a door prize Colin had some movies posters for DoWC which the Bulletproof Monk people had duplicated as props. I was a lousy two numbers off from the winner. I'm never going to win anything at these shows.