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Happy New Year!

Happy 2004 everyone. I've been taking New's Year's Day easy after a very busy New Year's Eve. Invited to three parties and made appearances at all of them!

The first was a joint effort between Sandra Kasturi and her friend Jen. I got there a little past eight. There was mulled wine and a lot of little kids running about. The wine was being heated in the backyard on a looked like a converted wood-burning oil barrel. Unfortunately they hadn't planned on how much wood was needed and were resorting to breaking boards on the steps with their feet to keep the fire going. Despite this difficulty Jen put out a great spread of snacks. We started out with Christmas songs on the CD player, but Sandra brought along her History of Punk and that quickly won out as to people wanted to hear.

At about quarter to eleven I headed down to St. Clair, caught the streetcar over to St. Clair Station, and took the subway north to Sheppard for part #2, Hayden and Charlene's New Year with most of the Serial Diners. First off, kudoes to Charlene for putting up with us all, as she had caught the flu several days before and was still somewhat under the weather. There were subway delays on the way, but I managed to arrive with eleven minutes to spare, and officially rang in 2004.

Quick aside. I have to say I'm disappointed with the 21st century to date. Sure we've got the Internet, but I'd rather we had some more nuts and bolts future contraptions. I'd settle for a hoverbelt.

Anyway, at about 2 AM to was time to let Charlene get to bed, so in batches we headed south on the subway, which they had running late (very good of them). I made my way to Bathurst, and then up to stick my head into Catherine Crockett's, secure in the knowledge that she'd be running late. I wasn't disappointed. Catherine and some friends had apparently celebrated at midnight with a drumming jam session (which I'm sorry I missed) and had some nicely odd percussion instruments lying around. I was especially fond of the singing frog.

So I got back to my bed at 4 AM, and played turtle for the rest of the day. I think I deserve it.


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