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Poof - Wallet gone

Was at the gym yesterday for my exercise class. When I finished up and went to change, I found that someone had gotten my padlock open, and my wallet was gone.

After some swearing, I went upstairs, complained a lot and then phoned everyone to cancel all my cards. Fortunately, there had been no transactions on any of my accounts. As there was only a few dollars in it, whoever took it didn't profit much. But I'm stuck with the endless amount of standing-in-line it'll take to get all my cards and ID back.

To make things worse, I had planned to go to my favorite sushi place afterwards, but with no money that plan was shot. I'm sure a lot of people I passed in the street as I walked home must have thought I was a mental patient of my meds with all the suppressed mumbling I was doing.

As you need photo id to board an airplane now, I thought I was complete screwed, but I found I had my old driver's license (a year old), and went in and got a temporary license today. The old license is still valid photo id, and with the temporary license confirming my address, plus the fact I'm travelling with my twin brother, should be enough to convince the security people at the airport I am who I say I am.

I also managed to get a new bank card and library card today as well.

It's so frustrating, but it could have been a lot worse. I almost got my cheque for December at HG Engineering yesterday (the guy who signs them left early), and my usual practice is to endorse it as soon as I get it. If I had got it, and didn't bother to deposit it before I went to the gym, that could have been very nasty indeed. I'm going to have to be a lot more careful in the future.

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Poof-Wallet gone

Sorry to hear your wallet was stolen, but at least there wasn't much money in it, and your cheque was also safe. I hope you have a great time back home, will you be back in time for New Year's Eve? - Lena

I'm slowly getting everything replaced now. I'm back in TO now, and I daresay I'll see you at Charlene and Hayden's party!

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