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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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How's work?

Going well, thanks for asking. My original two and 1/2 week contact is now at two and a half months and still going.

Last week I had to look at the effect corrosion and water scaling might have on the water-cooled roller I'm working on. Not knowing much of anything on the topic, I went down to the U of T Engineering Library one morning for the first time in ages.

I found myself sitting down on the floor in the stacks, pulling books off of the shelf, flipping through them, and either replacing them or adding them to the pile next to me. This triggered some serious flashbacks to my student days. With the exam season in full swing the place was full of frantically studying students.

I found some very good info on the subject, and think I've written a quite nice section of the big report based on it. It's always good when I can learn new stuff on the job.