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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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The Uptown

Geez, what an awful way for the old girl to go out. For any non-Toronto readers, the Uptown, one of the old-time (and really big screen) theatres left downtown closed a few months back, and during the demolition proceedings today partially collapsed onto an adjacent language school, killing one and injuring about 14.

I went to a lot of movies there, not to mention Film Festival events, where the Uptown hosted Midnight Madness. Yes, Uptown 1 was short of legroom, but man, that was a big screen. Unfortunately, the Uptown name will be forevermore linked to the tragic event today.

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Colin had a bird's eye view of the event and all the street closings around it yesterday. And today as well, I'm sure. The whole strip of buildings south of the Uptown on Balmuto share a single roof. I'm rather fond of a number of the stores on that strip. I hope it doesn't close any of them down permanently.

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