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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Engineering Stamp

This week I found the first official use for my official Professional Engineering stamp (used to seal reports and plans). My friend Lisa is going down to Chicago Tardis (a Doctor Who con) with her little boy, Ian. Irwin (husband and father) can't make it, so he wanted me act as a witness by signing and sealing a letter stating that Lisa is crossing the border with Ian completely with Irwin knowledge. It seems that border guards are told to be on the lookout for parents abducting their kids, and give single parents with infants a hard time.

As I was relating this at work, Paul felt that this was a sorry commentary on the world we live in, that we are encouraging everyone to be as paranoid as possible. In a related note, Melanie added that in all the playgrounds near where she lives all the swings and slides are being replaced by low plastic "things" to minimize all possibility of kids hurting themselves. Or have fun.