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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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The Working Man

Developments on the job front. I'm finishing up the project I've been working on at HGE over most of the month now. Phase 2 of the project I was originally taken on for has gone through, but the client is currently looking at taking an incremental approach with it. That is, do the first part (takes a week or two), and based on the results decide whether to go on to the next part, and repeat. With this approach Paul could do the whole thing himself, and they probably wouldn't need me immediately. Considering that I was originally only going to get two and a half weeks work out of this, and I've gotten two months to date, I certainly can't complain. Anyway, more work for me could come up later.

And I have other prospects. Last week a company who I had submitted a resume to months ago calls me up and has me come in for an interview. Well, half an interview. I talked to the technical recruiter, but the actual tech guy I was supposed to talk to had just gotten his wisdom teeth out the other day and couldn't talk (which the recruiter hadn't realized when she set up the appointment). I'll be doing a telephone interview with him shortly. Anyway, base don my conversation with the technical recruiter, I think they're looking for a more senior management guy than me, but she seemed to think there was every chance they would like to talk to me about doing contract work for them as well. Every contact helps.

Finally, I heard through the grapevine that a company I did some work for when I was with Mechanical Dynamics might be looking for a finite element guy. So I called my contact there, and he's going to arrange for me to go in and talk to some of the people there. Possibilities, possibilities.