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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Moral Dilemma

I've fortunately made a complete recovery from my stomach upset of last week. Good thing to as colliding commitments left me with little time to spare.

I had planned to go up to Muskoka on the Sunday morning bus and return Monday evening, having cleared with Zane earlier in the week that it was OK not to come in Monday. However, I had run into a stone wall with the computer modeling I was currently doing by Thursday. No problem, I thought, I'll figure it out Friday. As I didn't make it in Friday I felt obliged to come in on Saturday for a few hours to try again, and stayed stumped by the same stone wall.

At this point I was getting antsy about going away for two days and coming back to work Tuesday with no progress made for going on a week, ESPECIALLY as I had a meeting regarding the anime convention on Tuesday afternoon with our new venue, the TCC, meaning I was looking at a half day there, unless I didn't go.

So I was a little wound up Saturday night (at Charles' going away party, as he's going to teach in Sudbury for a year) trying to decide what to do. I could have postponed my trip, but these been some stuff going on up there and I knew my friends were looking forward to having a friend over, so it was more than my own selfish desires at play.

Trying to sleep that night, I kept waking up and ultimately decided at about 4:30 AM to stop making a bad job of it and just get up. I had to catch a 9 AM bus anyway. I decided to print out the thermal analysis sections from the online ANSYS manual I had on my home machine to bring along to read over and see if it could help me. As I was doing this I was skimming thru the material, and lo and behold, a light suddenly dawned regarding a possible error I'd made in my unit conversions (which are tricky than you'd think for a bunch of reason I won't get into).

I had a small sample problem that wasn't working right on my home machine as well, and after setting it up using my new idea, and found that it worked like gangbusters!

So while I was short on sleep that day, I made up for it than night, and I get to go up to Muskoka with a clean conscience.