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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Nick Bantock

Artist/author Nick Bantock, of Griffith and Sabine fame, had a reading at the Hart House Library tonight (one of my favorite reading venues). He and a friend did a dual reading from the last book in his latest trilogy The Morning Star (he the male voice, she the female), and he had a slideshow of the art from his book, along with a Q&A and autographs. And it was free to boot. Altogether a much better value than the Neal Stephenson event.

He's a very entertaining speaker, and had a lot to say about the artistic process, such as the work that went into designing all the ficticious stamps used on the Griffith and Sabine letters and postcards. He was asked if because of that he's been asked to create real stamps. He said yes, but he's always turned the offers down because dealing with postal administrations involves dealing with a thousand little rules, and he has more fun doing whatever he wants.

The last time Bantock was at U of T a couple of years back, a brass band was practicing in the room beneath all night, which detracted from the evening somewhat. History didn't repeat.