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Blackout 2

Last night at a little after 10 PM I was talking to my brother on the phone when the lights when out. After cursing the darkness for a little while I decided to light a candle instead and after much banging around found both matches and the candles.

Every try and light a paper match in the dark? I have enough trouble in the light. I went through three matches before I managed to get one to light, and in the process of using one candle to light the rest got some melted wax on my fingers.

Then my brother showed up. I assumed at first the lights were out at his place as well, but he was just concerned that the phone cut out for no reason (worried about me, Aw!). Checking outside the lights only seemed to be off for my local short section of street. So I hunkered down on the couch and read by candlelight for a while (which is actually tough if you can't arrange the candles right behind you) and turned in early.

I had to be up early in the morning to make the conference call at work (see below) so I was slightly worried I'd oversleep, but things came back on about 11:40.

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You may want one of these:

...although these rechargeable-by-shaking ones are too large to be carried in a pocket, unfortunately.

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