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Recent movies

Friday the Kung-Fu Friday flick at the Royal was Vampire Breakfast, which was pretty good. It's basically a remake of The Night Stalker set in Hong Kong, with a low-rent reporter discovering that the rash a murders is the work of a vampire (the shambling, diseased-looking kind) and sets out to stop it wile avoiding the police.

In a few weeks Colin Geddes is planning on showing Inframan, one of my favorite no-budget Japanese superhero-SF movies. It makes the Power Rangers look like Lord of the Rings, and it huge fun. Not to be missed. Check the Festival guide for November.

Last night finally saw Kill Bill. Now that's an action movie! Sure it has no plot, but endless style. Uma Thurman with a sword, spurting blood, and more pop culture references than even I can catch in one sitting (it'll be worth seeing again just for the sequence when they break into the Green Hornet theme). Yes, I'm still plenty peeved that Miramax split the movie into two (and that they've endlessly goofed up on releasing Shaolin Soccer), but Quentin succeeded in living up to the hype.


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