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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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It's been a good couple of weekends for hiking. Saturday before last I went off with the Bruce Trail club, on my first hike with them when I didn't get rained on (although the morning looked very threatening). It was in the Halton Hills, and the trees turning colors were really spectacular. The hike leader did take a wrong turn at one point and have to back-track a ways, leading to a series of Blair Witch jokes (mostly from me). At 16 km, with hills, I was pooped at the end of it. When I got back to town I have a nice sushi dinner and spent the rest of the nigh flopped on the couch.

Last Saturday Paul and Susan went on a hike at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, and invited me along (and Benet). They belong to the East York Hiking Club, and Paul has been thinking about leading a hike with them, so this trip was to check out some trails. Saturday was drizzly all day (of course) but it never really opened up.

Mono Cliffs features cliffs (duh!), a great lookout spot, and an Evil Tree. The best view of the cliffs consisted of a path leading down into a great split in the cliff face, so you're deep inside with the rock faces towering above you. I've got to get a digital camera so I can start posting pictures (even bad ones) of these things.

Paul has a GPS unit, and it is the best toy ever. It has maps of most of Southern Ontario downloaded into it,so when you're in the city it displays a city map, complete with street names, and an arrow showing your position and direction. It shows directions, average speed, distance travelled, elevation, the works. Out of town it shows major roads, towns, lakes, etc. Paul had it on while we tramped around the park, so at the end it displayed the entire route we had taken. Trees unfortunately block the signal, so it's not always useful in the woods, but I'm seriously considering it for my Christmas present to myself.