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Democracy in Action!

Well, the Tories are history and by a big margin. Yay! I feel sorry for the NDP though. It sucks when your popular vote goes up but you lose seats. My incumbent NDP member (who I voted for) got back in. That's the first time in years my candidate actually won the election.

Strategic voting (for the Liberal candidate) is probably what did them in. That's a good argument for proportional representation, although that opens another can of worms, namely how do you allot the seats between ridings? They've fallen below the threshold to be considered an official party now. That's a rule that should be changed to reflect the popular vote, not number of seats won.

I got to the polls at 9AM yesterday (was about the fourth person there), but they were running late as two of their people hadn't shown up yet, and there are strict rules about having two people at every polling table. In addition, the first people in line apparently never bother to bring voting cards OR identification with them, and thought this was the fault of the poll staff. When I finally got my ballot I noted that it had names only, no party affiliations. I seem to remember that parties were listed at the last election, can anyone confirm this for me? Anyway, I exercised my franchise and left, happy in my work.

In other election news, the mother of a friend of mine, Irene Jones (the mother, not the friend) was running in Etobicoke/Lakeshore on the NDP ticket, but unfortunately came in third.

I haven't been able to find exact figures on the percentage who voted, but looking at the results in the Star this morning it seems that only half or less than half of the registered voters bothers. Considering how high feelings were running concerning the Tories, I find that really stunning and very worrisome.


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