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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Play Ball!

Yesterday I found myself at a Blue Jays game of all things. My friend Kyle called me up on Friday with the news she'd won two free tickets in the office raffle, and was I interested. I hadn't been to a game since I was a frosh at U of T (they took all the new students to a game) and that was at the old CNE stadium. We were in the nosebleed seats and I was behind a pillar.

These were $37 dollar tickets and the seats were very good, down in the lowest level, just past third base. We had a great view of everything. It turned out to be something of an important game, as the Jays' pitcher, Roy Halladay, was trying to win his 22nd game, a Jays' record. And despite giving up two runs in the first inning, the Jays beat the Indians 5-4. We saw a home run (by the Jays), a double play (by the Indians), and a foul ball hit someone in the stands, who was carried off on a stretcher. And the game only ran two hours and ten minutes. Although a fun time, although I doubt I'll be spending $37 for tickets in the future.