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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Lights! Camera!

Last night I was heading home via the Queen streetcar. I got off at Ossington to take the bus north, but found the street blocked off (to traffic, not pedestrians). Seeing bright lights ahead I assumed a movie shoot. Heading north I found the street filled with garbage and broken glass, broken furniture spilling out of a storefront, and two burned out cars. Further up I found they were shooting Resident Evil II, and they were working on a scene consisting of a truck heading down the street when a guy jumps in front of it waving them to stop. Which they do. Sorry, no big stuntman getting hit by truck scene. I watched them do this about a dozen times before I pressed on. I might just have to see this movie to catch when this happens.

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So THAT's what's happening on Ossington. Thank you for doing the investigative footwork.

I saw a preview for Resident Evil 2 before Underworld. Most of the ad was a fake ad for Umbrella's new anti-aging cream ad ("brings dead cells back to life!"), but I just assumed that they would already be done filming.

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