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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Once Upon a Time ...

... in Mexico. Saw it last week, and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

According to my sources, the movie got made because Quentin Tarentino told director Robert Rodriguez "You've got to make another 'El Mariachi' movie! It'll be your trilogy! Every director needs a trilogy! and you've got to call it 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico'" So when the studio asked RR if he had any ideas for a new movie, he suggested this and they said "Great!"

Once again, Antonio Banderas plays the man with the guitar case filled with guns. Johnny Deep is a psycho CIA agent who shoots cooks and sets our hero after a drug lord. Several of the Robert Rodriguez players show up as well, most notably Danny Trejo.

The action scenes are for the most part very well executed and not completely impossible. The only clear wire-work is done in flashback scenes, where what we see may not be real anyway.

It's interesting how little the various sub-plots interweave. After their initial meeting, Banderas' and Depp's characters never meet face to face again. Other characters have their own tight little stories as well. I especially liked the ex-FBI agent also after the drug lord.

There wasn't a lot there to talk about afterwards, but I enjoyed the whole vibe of the movie.