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Last weekend

Spent last weekend up visiting with Karen and Shirley (and their kids and pets) in Muskoga. It was their annual get-together with their friends, although it was a light turn-out this year. Not that I minded so much because it meant more food for everyone (Karen and Shirley always put on a feast Saturday night), and I didn't have to scramble for sleeping space.

Dave and I got a lift up there with Mici Friday afternoon, and came back by bus Sunday evening. Actually, of everyone who showed up, we were there the longest.

The weather was great the fist two days, and rainy on the Sunday, but they have this great screened-in porch now, which lets you enjoy the outdoors (even when it's raining) while keeping (almost all) of the bugs out.

Karen had this wonderful new Puzz-3D (the three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles) of the Sistine Chapel. All the pieces are double-sided so when it's completed, the roof opens up and you can see the paintings inside. In a puzzle frenzy I managed to get it completed in a single day. I love those things.

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I've done the Sistine Chapel one. 'Tis cool.

I gave that puzzle to my father for Christmas the other year - it's a very lovely one. He still has the whole thing, assembled, on a sidetable.

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