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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Last Gasp of the Uptown

This weekend is the final one for the Uptown theatre, the Midnight Madness showing Sunday will be the last film shown. It's been slated to close for over a year now, the official reason being that renovations to make it handicapped-accessible would be too expensive, but it's just as likely that not enough people go there anymore. The last several movies I've seen there it's been mostly empty, a victim of the cinema glut in Toronto now.

I'm going to miss the largest screen left in the city (Uptown 1), but not the lack of legroom. Seats at the Uptown were always a tight fit, unless you take the first row and put your feet up on the stage.

And what's going to replace it? Condos of course!

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That news makes me really sad. Especially the condo part. Just what the city needs; more overpriced downtown condos no one can afford.

Does that mean it's a Festival movie? With requisite big crowds and nobody coming in off the street? That sucks. I've only seen one festival movie, and I don't think I'd go again. I went to the last screening at the Eglinton, and the last screening at the York (Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm), but I feel like I don't have a hope of getting into the last at the Uptown. What is it... 'Underworld'? They're just promoting it on Newsworld.


i agree with dwingy, we do need more condos in toronto

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