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Lights Out!

Just had the longest power failure here at work that anyone remembers, the lights went out at 1:05 PM and only came back on at 2:35 PM. And of course the UPSs (Uninterruptable Power Supplies) on the computers last eight minutes.

I'm actually almost the only person left here now (aside from a couple of secretarial people). After an hour Alan gave everyone the day off and all the other engineers fled as fast as their legs could carry them. I'd planned on spending the day studying for the PEO exam anyway and the sun was shining into the conference room, so I decided to stay. If I left I'd just have to go to the library anyway to keep studying, or more likely just goof off and get nothing done. My only potential problem was lack of coffee, but that's solved now.

It looks like the outage was local, as there are power trucks visible out the front window doing whatever it is that they do. I'd heard on the radio this morning that two generating stations for Toronto were down, and they were having to buy power from outside the province to make up the shortfall, especially with the cold snap we having.

While I'm talking about work, out in the front lobby we have two flags on display, a Canadian one, and one for whatever foreign visitors we've recently had. Today the visitor flag was black, yellow, and red, and I had to ask to find out it was Belgium. Apparently we've got 25 flags now, and the Flag Company on the speed-dial should the need for a new one arise.


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