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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Off to Worldcon...

Worldcon starts tomorrow (yay!) so don't expect much posting for the next few days, not that that's never happened before.

My previous Worldcons were San Francisco, Winnipeg, and Philly. I enjoyed them all, and I'm really looking forward to this year in Toronto. Since the last one here was 1973, I'm not expecting another one soon.

What haven't I talked about lately? Saw Capturing the Friedmans the other night, a documentary about Arnold Friedman, a respected teacher in Great Neck who in 1988 was arrested for possessing child pornography and ultimately he and one of his sons were charged with multiple acts of child molestation related to a computer class Arnold gave. Only the film makes clear, using actual home movies shot by another son during the entire ordeal, that there is a strong possibility that no crimes were actually committed. Or maybe they were. Details are dropped like clues in a mystery novel, and you find yourself changing opinion multiple times, until by the end the investigation is such a muddle getting to the "truth" may no longer be possible.

I can't say that I "enjoyed" the film, as I enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean, but it's an astonishing piece of filmmaking, and mostly you feel sad for all the lives that were derailed and destroyed, perhaps just due to a witch-hunt. Or not.

Was on a pub crawl with a friend on Saturday night along Queen Street. This particular crawl has apparently been around for 21 years, and even at its tenth anniversary was the "skuzzy" Queen St. pub crawl (so claimed by a tenth anniversary t-shirt one guy was wearing). Only now almost all the bars there are much more upscale, you've got to push much further west now to find dives.

And was at a Live Journal meet-up the other night, a get-together for people who write Live Journal organized in different cities. Small group, but an interesting one, I daresay I'll do it again next month. Although I'll vote for another venue than the Just Desserts on Wellesley, the service there was really slow.