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TorCon approaches!

Torcon is only days away now, and my plans for it are moving into high gear. After expressing interest in twelve panels, and saying they could put me on a maximum of eight, I've ended up on exactly one ("O'Neill Colonies", Friday at 3 PM, see you there!). I'm on it with Geoffrey Landis and John Strickland, so I'll be nodding my head a lot and saying "What they said."

I'll also be spending some time at the Friends of the Merril Collection tables. Andrew and I were involved in having a new Friends t-shirt made up for Worldcon, and IMHO they're pretty shape, featuring Frank Kelly Freas' Little Green Man pictures from Martian's Go Home on the front and a spacescape on the back. We'll also have mugs, posters, and of course Friends of Merril membership forms. Come by and buy something, you know you want to.

I'll also be helping my friend Catherine set-up and take-down the fan lounge. I was over at her place Friday counting the beer and helping pack stuff up. She's got house guests coming for the Worldcon besides the fact her significant other just broke his arm slipping on some mud, so I'm happy to try and take some of the pressure off.


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