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The California recall

The more I read about this the more screwed up the whole thing is. The ballot will have two questions on it: 1) Should Gray Davis be recalled? and 2) if so, who should replace him?

Now, for Davis to keep his job he needs 50% plus 1 to vote "no" on the first part. BUT his potential successor only needs a plurality of votes to win. With 135 candidates on the ballot, in theory someone could win with less than 1% of the vote, while Davis could get 49% and still lose. That's flat-out unfair.

As it is almost all of the candidates are fringe or joke characters who will get at the most a few thousand apiece, but it's likely the vote will be split enough for the winner to get in with 20% or less of the vote. Not to mention that getting on the ballot only costs $3500 and requires a lousy 65 signatures so they wound up with so many candidates it'll result in a complicated and costly ballot thrown together in short notice, resulting in many problems and probably accusations. It'll be Florida all over again.

The election is probably Arnold's to win right now, as long as he keeps his mouth firmly shut. Any comments he makes on actual issues are more likely to lose him votes than win ones.

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The California recall

And you know what? As a resident of California (an absentee one, but one nevertheless) I get to vote in the damn thing. Any suggestions (besides Arnie?)


Re: The California recall

Not really. Davis do seem to have been something of a disaster, but he was re-elected less than a year ago and frankly that should probably stand. In the long run, voting not to recall him might be the best, as it might prevent this nonsense from happening again.

Arnie does seem to be willing to surround himself with smart people, but I can't approve of someone with no experience in the public arena beyond charming the press running for a major political office in a state than needed effective leadership more than most.

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