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Yesterday I was off on a day hike with the Toronto Bruce Trail Club, and enjoyed it immensely. It completely blew away any city hike I've done, and was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. The TBTC organizes a couple of hikes every weekend. You meet up at a subway station, and a bus takes you out of the city to a section of the Bruce Trail. You have a leader who takes the group up the trail, and at the end of the day you meet up with the bus again to come home.

They have hikes of varying length and degree of difficulty, and yesterday was an 12km, Level 1 hike, which I decided to try just to get my feet wet (literally, as it turns out). After giving the hike leader a phone call, I decided to go down to Mountain Co-Op and get myself a real pair of hiking boots rather than try it in my running shoes, and I'm very glad I did. The hike started out with a broad gravel trail, but several sections were very rocky, and after lunch it started to rain. It was only heavy for a short time and I had my jacket, but I needed for the extra traction. Some of the other people who weren't in boots said they regretted it. Due to the rain a bunch dropped out at the lunch stop (where the bus was available again), but I pressed on and was glad I did.

One section was a steep, rocky descent into a valley that took about five minutes to get down safely. There were also some good scenic views of the surrounding countryside. And the hike leader kept up a good clip all day, little dawdling around.

The only drawback was the school bus we took out there was very cramped. Now I may have been smaller when I rode in this things years ago, but on this one you couldn't even store anything under the seats, you practically had to keep your knapsack on your lap the whole time.

Anyway, I'm definitely joining the club.


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