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Toronto Trek

Speaking of TT, it was last weekend, and a lot of fun as usual.

I was on six panels this year (personal record) and I'm happy to say on only one did the panel outnumber the audience (The World's Tallest Freestanding Panel). Of course that was the one I had done the most research for. There were three panelists, and we started and ended with only two people in the audience (one of which was my brother, who doesn't count). We did have two others for about ten minutes however, and it was a good discussion.

My other panels were Gerry Anderson (always a good one), Columbia (good discussion), How to Run a Convention (I've had some experience), Latest British TV (sorry Graeme for arriving late!), and the West Wing (one of my favorite shows). Hey, it all got me in for nothing.

Didn't see much of the Guest of Honor speeches. I had panels opposite both of Anthony Stewart Head's talks (rats!). Did see Nana Visitor's Sunday talk which was very entertaining, she's great with a crowd. Saw a little of the Buck Roger's people. Gil Gerard's really put on weight I'm afraid, but Erin Gray looks great! That's probably a combination of the facts that she's aged really well, and that 80s make-up and hair was so bad.

Didn't get anything in the Dealer's Room this year, it was mostly photographs and collectibles, and I need neither. Was going to get a box set of Farscape Season 1, but it was gone when I went back for it (rats again). And it wasn't even my brother who bought it this time. (Last year he got some DVDs for himself that I told him I was going back for, the lout).

The Masquerade was very good. 38 entries, which is low for a TT, but they were generally of a high quality, with some very good staging for several.

I'll probably think of more to say tomorrow.


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