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Busy Week

I'm off to Toronto Trek this afternoon, where I'm doing six panels. Should be fun.

Haven't posted much this week, but that's been more due to lack of time than a lack of things afoot. I've seen a couple of Fringe Festival plays (Nharcolepsy, a loony cabaret-style show about two explorers marooned near the North Pole explaining why they came there, and Teaching Witchcraft, where an Inquisitor who really loves his work tells us of the danger we face from witches).

I'm taking a four-week drumming course with my friend Catherine, and the first session this week was a lot of fun. The course of called "World Percussion", and besides drums you get to try out striking instruments from all over the world.

Saw 28 Days Later, which I highly recommend. It isn't perfect, but it's got a real sense of dread to it that many so-called horror films today lack. Plus great characters, and what might best be described as unusual visual style. I've got to find out how they managed to shoot those scenes of London deserted.

Finished Order of the Phoenix recently to (thanks Shana for lending it to me). Will probably post more about it later, but it was a bit of a let-down from Goblet of Fire. I think because this book, rather than a real extension to the plot threads Rowlings has been working on, is more of a set-up for the final two books. Plus the revelations aren't very revelatory.


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