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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Seeing Nemo

Finally saw Finding Nemo this week,with a friend who's a marine biologist. He was laughing at things no one else was, but because they got it right for the most part, he explained later. Very good movie, as usual from Pixar. The look of it was terrific. I loved how terrifying the human seemed from the point of view of the fish, but in the rare moment's form the human P.O.V., they seemed so ordinary. Also, Dory, the fish with the bad short-term memory, made the movie for me, Ellen DeGeneres was wonderful. Some Christian group was making noises about how disappointed they were with Disney for casting a known lesbian for the movie, saying there were hundreds of other actors they could have used. Not only was this nonsense, Ellen was so perfect I can't imagine who could have done better.

One note however. Before the film, they showed the Pixar short KnickKnack from the mid 80s, the one about the snowman in the sno-globe trying to escape and join the other toys, including this blonde in a bikini. They went and censored this short. In the original version, the blonde had these giant bazooms, and now they're gone! I don't know if it was Disney who made them take the out or what, but it definitely was changed.