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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Changes of scenery

I been asked by the Worldcon people to write a short article on Anime North for the Worldcon souvenir book, end of the month as the deadline. My plan was to get writing it last Monday so I'd have plenty of time. By Thursday I hadn't managed to write a word.
So I went over to Futures, not bringing anything to read with me as that would be the kiss of death, ordered some tea, and sat at an empty table, determined not to leave until I had a rough draft done. And it really worked. In a little over two hours I had roughly a thousand words written, and I was pretty pleased with them. I typed it all into the computer the next day, made some changes and additions, had it critiqued (and fact-checked) by some of the other members of the con com, and sent it off on the weekend, along with some images of our mascot. We'll be getting some scanned photos to the Worldcon people as well. I can't wait to see it in print.