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Lights out?

According to the Toronto Star, we narrowly missed a brownout on Thursday when a couple of large generator broke down. Power consumption that day was the second highest ever. With several of the nuclear reactors in mothballs right now, and the three reactors promised to be ready for the summer still not on-line, this is going to happen again.

I'm doing my part. I've stopped using the clothes dryer and have been hanging everything up in the clothline to dry lately. I also don't have an air conditioner. Yes, I'm in a basement, but when it stays humid for a couple of days on end it leaks in here. I have considered getting one just for the bedroom and just for at night, so I can sleep better, but every time I'm about ready to crack, it cools off. I did stop by Canadian Tire yesterday, just to price shop, and noticed that just about every second person was buying a conditioner for a giant fan. No wonder we nearly had a brownout.

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I worked at Canadian Tire last summer. In early July there was a heat wave like the one we just had and we ended up selling many, many ACs. So many that Canadian Tire (and supposedly most of our competitors) was sold out for most of the season, except for a few luxury $900 models.

They've probably ordered extra this year, but waiting may be risky.

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