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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Hulk fans smash!

So I went with some friends to see Hulk on Saturday, the 3:30 PM showing at the Paramount. At about 4:40 PM, the power goes out and the emergency lights come on. My first though was "Yay! Free movie tickets!" as I hoped it would be shortly corrected, we'd finish the movie, and they'd give us passes. However, about 15 minutes later, the emergency lights go off, and now we're in total blackness. Some people had flashlights so they started coming on, and the ushers supplied some more.

After another 10 minutes it was getting hopeless. Even if the power came on then, I figured that they would still cancel the rest of the showing so as not to delay the evening showing that they could still make money at. Sure enough, they asked everyone to go and gave us our passes.

Up to the point where the power went out, I wasn't that impressed with the movie. The pacing wasn't great, and the first appearance of the Hulk was actually rather anti-climactic, it lacked oomph. We ended up getting something to eat, and debated what to do next. Andrew, who had seen the movie Friday night, insisted that it picked up hugely right at the point the power went out. He compared it to the point where Clark Kent first arrives in Metropolis in Superman. So ultimately he, I, and a few others decided to go back for an evening show, arriving back just in time for the 7:40 show.

While the power stayed on this time, we were not without incident. Some guy wandered around the theatre saying "F*ck!" on occasion, until three security people showed up to handle it. and with about 40 minutes to go, a women leaving our row brushed against Andrew's foot and half-ripped out his big toenail (which is a funny shape due to being ingrowing most of his life). I was sitting next to him and wasn't quite sure what had happened. Andrew, trooper that he is, wrapped a bandanna around it for the next of the movie. Afterwards, we escorted him over to St. Mike's so he could have it taken care of. If the point of the day was to get him to Hulk out, to nearly succeeded.

As for the movie, Andrew was right, it did pick up a lot in the second half. The CGI Hulk looks damn good, although I should point out that it rarely interacted with a human, like Gollem had to most of the time. When CGI is fighting other CGI, it's easier to get away with. The acting was OK. Sam Elliott was great, and Nick Nolte was his usual complete freak. They should have locked these two in a room and let them out-gruff each other.

As superhero movies go, I'd still have to rate X-Men 2 as far and away the best one I've seen, but Hulk isn't bad overall.

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Hulk Fans Smash!

I hope that Andrew's big toenail is feeling better - did he have to go through a SARS screening to have it looked at?


Andrew's doing fine. The hospital's outside was covered with SARS warnings, and they had facemasks available at the door. This was bad for me as I really needed to use a washroom at this point, but running thru the gauntlet was going to be too much trouble for everyone. I managed to reach a nearby Tim Horton's.

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