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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Well I got something positive done this week job search wise. I've found several postings on the job sites I'll be sending resumes to, and I spent the day at a seminar on SolidWorks, one of the leading mid-range computer design programs.

My fellow laid-offee Richard told me about it. This company (for free) offers a day long run-though of the program, and gives you a demo version (with some major functionality disabled and a 90-day lifespan). Since it's becoming a very popular package, it can't hurt for me to be at least familiar with it. And it is a very impressive program. Blows AutoCAD all to hell.

I registered for the seminar on-line on Wednesday. While the confirmation email mentioned that someone was supposed to get in touch with me, no one did, so I decided to just go. Once I got there I found that the session had been fully booked (nine people all told), and that you were supposed to talk to the company first to get officially signed up. There was another guy there in the same boat as me. But as luck would have it, two of the people who were registered failed to show, and we got their places. If I had talked to them on Wednesday, they certainly would have told me that the session was fully booked, and I would have had to sign up for the next one a month from now. Which goes to show once again that asking for permission isn't always the way to go.