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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Teletoon tonight has started showing the ancient Hulk animated series again. Not that "animated" is quite the right word for it. What Marvel did in the sixties was take the frames from the actual printed comics, add the minimum of animation they could get away with, and use a lot of narration.

Right now, Bruce Banner just got zapped by the gamma bomb, thanks to his assistant Igor who secretly working for the Reds. I sort of doubt Igor will make it into this month's movie. Or the show's great/awful theme song.

Doctor Bruce Ban-ner
Pelted by gamma rays
Turns into the Hulk
Ain't he un-glam-er-rays!

I love how the Hulk originally got his name. As the narrator tells us, a bunch of soldiers are out looking for the monster. As one of them says "Got to find that ... HULK ... creature."

So far every commercial break has had an ad for the new movie. I've got my doubts about it. It might turn out to be as bad as the cartoon (this is definitely a cartoon) but lets see if it's as much fun.

Oh, and didn't Betty Ross ever start wondering why her boyfriend suddenly starting hanging around with a teenage boy all the time (Rick Jones, who knew his secret)?