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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Movies, Movies, Movies

Watched a wack of films over the past several days. Saw Bend it Like Beckham again (saw it for the first time at the Film Festival) and still completely love it. Best feel good movie I've seen in ages. Smartly written with great characters.

Saw Below as well. This is the David Twohy haunted submarine movie that only briefly made it into the theatres last year (and not at all in Canada). Which is nuts as it's a great movie. Twohy is a master at making the most of a limited budget, and he created a completely suspenseful, ferociously intelligent movie. But the guys in suits decided that on one wanted to see a submarine movie (after all, U-571, or whatever the number was, tanked), so it's gotten very little push. It's absolutely worth a rental.

And saw X-Men 2 or whatever the official title is Friday. I was worried about this movie as I loved the original X-Men (rather more so than Spider-Man) but the trailer and some of the buzz had me thinking they were going to give up on the characters in exchange for lots and lots of action scenes. But it's a great movie. The plot is tight, the pacing is good, the effects are great. Alan Cummings completely nails Nightcrawler in the same way Hugh Jackman got Wolverine in the first (he's wonderful again). And Ian McKellen is having so much fun being bad as Magneto. It's much more a continuation to the original than a sequel, as not that much time has passed between the two (a few months at most).

If you know you're X-Men history at all, they set-up pretty obviously what the third movie's going to be about, but I'll be looking forward to it.