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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Not a lot happening...

Been slightly in hunker-down mode this week, trying to concentrate more on getting resumes out. This plan was slightly derailed thanks to the WHO travel advisory about SARS, and all the damage control that became required for the convention.

We've got a SARS FAQ right at the top of the Anime North webpage now, and well as sending out assurances everywhere that the con is still on. We're going to have information handouts and handwashing stations at the con as well. Dealing with Americans has been the worse, as the media gives the impression that the city is a ghost town. I heard an interview with some American reporters in Toronto who admitted that they were nervous about coming here, but once they arrived found that it was business as usual.

We may well take something of an attendance hit this year, but I don't think it'll be any real trouble. The con finances are in very good shape. Most of the emails and phone calls we're received what been supportive, although the few who aren't coming make up for there small number with sheer volume. The hysteria of some of these people is astonishing.

Anyway, I've gotten several resumes out this week, and am talking to some engineering placement agencies. That job I had the interview for is still posted on the company website, so it still might be that they're delaying making a decision. Still hoping.