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Busy, Busy, Busy

Quite the active past couple of days, and it isn't slowing down much. Thanks God we've finally got some fine weather to get rid of all the snow and ice. It's downright hot outside right now.

Friday night was the anime club. I went just for the first two shows: Fruits Basket and Princess Nine. The first has zany comedy overtones, and certainly often is funny (young girl working as housekeeper for cursed family, when hugged by member of the opposite sex, they change into animals), but ultimately it's about family, and how it's often not the people you're related to. A nice, feel-goodish kind of show. The second is about a group of girls who form a baseball team at a prestigious girls school. It's really dramatic, but a lot of fun as well.

After that Sandra was doing a reading at a pub way out on the Danforth, which went well. They kept the open-mike under control, which other poetry series sometimes have trouble with. The most amusing presenter was the guy who performed a scene from Othello with the aid of his hand puppet, Mr. Froggy. (Hmmm, my favorite poem that Sandra read was the one about the pig-light. This may be saying bad things about me.)

Saturday noon was the SF reading group. My brother presented Tim Powers' Declare, which is like a Le Carre spy novel with the supernatural. It's a "secret history" rather than an alternate one, as Powers says the events in the book do not contradict the public record, they're what happened in the background. He does a hell of a job pulling it off too. In interviews Dave had Powers was saying how after lack of sleep he'd be doing research and find a new fact that fitting perfectly into his structure, and he'd start going "My God!! It's all true!!". I've tried Powers before but never liked him, this book will have me trying him again. Quick note to anyone interested in reading it, it's generally kept in the mystery/espionage section of the bookstore.

Saturday afternoon had dinner with a bunch of friends up at Yonge and Eglinton. They're mostly affiliated with a Toronto Star Wars chapter call the Long Line, referring to their habit of lining up days in advance for Star Wars movies. They maintained such a line for several days before The Phantom Menace just for the hell of it, as it completely wasn't necessary. After dinner we went over to view the late, lamented York Theatre, site of many movie viewings in the past.

Saturday evening I was down at the NASA dance pub. April 12 was Yuri's Night, anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's orbital flight (and the first Space Shuttle launch incidentally) and NASA was the site of this year's party in Toronto. I'd never been there before, and it's quite the cool place. They'd got it well decorated with comics book covers, and 80s computers and toy robots, with TV monitors showing Tron, 2001, and The Right Stuff. The party was fun, although their promised TV link-up to other parties around North America didn't work out because they were missing the one cable they needed to connect everything. And I really can't recommend the Tang and vodka shooters.

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No wonder I didn't run into you! I came later, for Earth Girl Arjuna, Princess Tutu, and a random cat shojo thing which was amusing but I can't remember what it's called.

Princess Tutu's one of the best anime I have ever encountered. I loved it. I want to see more.

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