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The Play's the Thing

Last night I attended a production of the Ben Jonson play Volpone, directed by my friend M.K., with two other friends performing (one of whom was also the property designer) and a final friend as stage manager.

It's a comedy about a rich man and his servant who spend their days stringing along a series of sycophants trying to get into his will. But the stakes get a lot higher when a pair of innocents get caught up in all the machinations.

I enjoyed it. It has a few rough spots to be worked out, but everyone involved was clearly having fun, and there were a few of the obviously unscripted moments that make live theatre special.

It's playing at Khrome (320 Eastern, at Queen and Greenwood), on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8:00 for the next three weeks. There are matinees on Sunday except on the 20th.

By the by, on the way down to the theatre I passed a street sign for Memory Lane.


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