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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Feast or Famine

I'm either posting four times a day, or not at all for days. I'm so fickle.

Anyway, got together with my brother the other day to watch two of the live-action Lone Wolf and Cub movies, which are about the Shogun Executioner Ogami Itto and his three-year old son. After he's set up and disgraced by a rival clan, he wanders Japan with his son in a baby cart filled with weapons killing people for hire.

The movies (there are five or six) are based on the very long running manga series, one of the first to be properly translated for North America. What I like about them is that they reflect the time they are set in, no compromises are made for modern morality. Before he's disgraced, Ogami is sent to execute a clan head, who turns out to be a five year old, and he does it because that's his job. He does help the odd person for no particular reason, but might just pass them by either, he's not a knight in shining armor.

Also, most of the movies feature dismemberments, and blood literally spraying from wounds as if it's under great pressure. The samurai of those days needed to lay off the salt.