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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Steven Brust

On Thursday the Merril Collection had fantasy author Steven Brust attend and give a reading and Q&A session. As he is quite the character and sports a great hat it was an unqualifed success. The only books of his I've actually read are The Phoniex Guards, a hilarious rip-off of The Three Musketeers (written in Dumas' wordy style, two characters take a page and half to say hello), and one for my SF reading club, which I can't remember the title of because it was such a series book it didn't make much sense without reading all the others. I actually asked Brust about this, does he think his books are accessible to new readers. He replied that he tries to make each one enjoyable on its own, although he admitted he doesn't always succeed.

After the reading Brust suggested we all get a drink, so a bunch of us went over to the pub O'Grady's on College, and as it was very loud in there we then ended up back to his hotel room at the Primrose for the rest of the evening. Here's a tip, if you have a three book contact to fulfill that you've been putting off for a few years, move to Las Vegas. The lack of any life outside the casinos will leave you with all the time you need for writing. I also picked up a few tips on playing poker, which I shall keep to myself in case the occasion presents itself.